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that the family fun atmosphere will not change due to a casino that could be built there. >> president obama is focusing on economic and security issues with the meeting with the chinese president in beijing this morning. >> from his are rival to his ceremony inside, it was a welcome for president obama. every detail was preset fee for a series of meetings between some of the most influential leaders. >> the american people are interested in stronger relations with the people of china. >> obama pledged tighter budget and in the u.s.. >> a strategy where america saves more and spend less, reduces long-term debt and where china makes the adjustment across a broad range of policies. >> encouraging china to take a tougher line on iran and north korea. on climate change, he was trying to get them agreed to clean energy initiatives. >> barack obama is not going to get much out of china. they want to know what is in it for me. barack obama is not offering very much. >> what a magnificent place to visit. >> he toured the city, the heart of china's government. a-and the president honor. he is not com
after all. the details straight ahead. >> head of state intourist. president obama in beijing today. that story coming up. >> a sarah palin is promoting her new book. we want to know what you think if she is using this book as a prelude to a presidential run. that is our watercooler question of the day. >> 11 news starts right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> it will get a little cooler the next couple of days, but it is not bad weather. we will chop down into the 50's today. let's take a look at the current conditions under partly cloudy skies. 50 degrees at the maryland science center the average height is 56. a couple degrees above normal. a bit of a change from yesterday however. us see what is happening in the traffic department. >> we have one problem coming in. a southbound on the j.f.x.. the accident is creating a bit of a delay on the beltway. we have to rhineland's closed. you may want to take an alternate road. it i
to a toll revenue increase of 45% statewide within two years. >>> president obama has two days left on his 8-day trip to asia. today he's pressing chinese leaders to stop limiting internet access there. here's joel brown. >> reporter: just hours before sitting down with chinese president, president obama suggested that the communist country stop blocking some websites. >> i'm a big supporter of nonsensorship. >> reporter: most of the questions at the meeting with students were polite expressions of government policies. but one chosen from online submissions opened the door for discussion on human rights. the question was should we be able to use twitter freely. facebook and twitter are blocked in china by what's known as the great fire wall. >> i'm a big supporter of not restricting internet use and other technologies. the more open we are, the more we can communicate. >> reporter: but few people saw those comments in china. the forum was only televised locally. free speech in the u.s. means he's faced tough criticism, but it's made him a better leader. he had to strike a balance in china. h
. >> a stunning display of disagreement within the obama administration. the ambassador to afghanistan has come out against the deployment of a lot more than just troops. the conflict is complicating the president's decision on how many troops to send. >> the revelation came as president obama left on a trip to asia where he will continue to consider how many u.s. troops to send it to afghanistan. he is now getting conflicting advice from the general that retired and was picked by obama to be the u.s. ambassador to kabul, expressing his reservations about sending more forces. that is at odds with the current u.s. commander that once at least 40,000 more troops, general mcchrystal. it has been complicated about the disagreement. >> this is what makes the president's job very difficult. >> the u.s. ambassador fears that president karzai is to corrupt. a former deputy agrees. >> we do not want our young men and women dying to support a corrupt government. >> president karzai did not help his case, saying -- new developments that could affect president obama's decision on how many more u.s. troops
to afghanistan in july. he is survived by his wife, parents, and sisters. president obama says he will release his strategy for afghanistan. he says it will seriously confronted al qaeda and its allies. >> last night, historic tradition as the state dinner came to life. obama hosted the prime minister of india. hollywood and people from world affairs were there. >> when these nations realize the trends and achievements, cheers. please be seated. >> the president was asked about strategy in afghanistan. >> it is my intention to finish the job. >> sources say the president will add 30,000 troops to the war zone. he will ask nato allies to send 10,000 more. it would give the general what he wants. republicans demanded it. concerns coming in about cost. democrats propose a war tax to pay for it. they are concerned about whether it would work. a decorated iraq veteran quit his post over strategy. >> if we have more troops, the taliban is not. to come to the table for nicklas haÏtian until we start to withdraw. >> obama will let out his plan next week. a hearing some more funding will occur here. i
shooting rampage at fort hood are being remembered today. president obama will travel to texas to remember them. the investigation revealed new details about the suspects. nikole killion has more on that. >> president obama will speak at a memorial today. she will meet with families and wounded troops. at fort hood, president obama is pledging a full investigation in the tragic shooting. >> we are going to complete this investigation and take whatever steps are necessary to make sure that something like this never happens again. >> did the government missed warning signs? the fbi has opened an internal review to see if they mishandled information gathered about nidal hasan last year. a radical group praised him as a hero for his attack. some of the 9/11 hijackers and nidal hasan were shipped at a mosque. >> he practiced the islamic faith, would offer no justification for his son aa and cowardly act of violence. >> investigators say there is no evidence that he was directed to carry out the rampage. the fbi does not believe he was part of a terrorist plot. >> i cannot tell you what we were
, jen. president obama is expected to announce a plan to send up to 35,000 more american troops to afghanistan. the strategy is expected to be a tough sell. critics wonder how the president will justify the enormous cost. 11 news reporter brian mooar has that story from washington. >> how many more american troops are headed to afghanistan? president obama makes his long-awaited announcement on tuesday. but early leaks are suggesting he'll send more than 30,000 within the next year and a half, 9,000 beginning in february. >> that's reminiscent of vietnam, that slow escalation. it didn't work there. you need to put in everybody you can, as quickly as you can, and deliver a knockout punch to the enemy. >> republicans aren't convinced the president is doing enough. democrats are afraid afghanistan will become the next iraq. >> the key here is an afghan surge not an american surge. >> senator carl levin of michigan is one of a number of democrats who want to tax the wealth dwroi pay for the war. estimated costs of an extra million per troop per year. a democratic congressman of wisc
is a disaster for our country. president obama said that it would be under $900 billion. it is not. president obama said it would not add to the deficit. it will >>reporter: illinois senator says a health care plan has to be passed by the end of the year when president obama and congress will need to shift their attention to the economy and jobs. >> i hope in the end that some republicans will crossover and help us put together a good bill that will serve this nation. >>reporter: three moderate democrats and -- leave democrats shy of the 60 votes needed to break a republican filibuster. >> i don't want to fix the problems in our health care system in a way that creates more of an economic crisis. >>reporter: the senator says one of his biggest problems with the senate plan is that public option. learn more about health care reform on our website. go to foxbaltimore.com. >>> president obama said that his economic stimulus plan would create a million new environmental jobs. washington times is working on a story that points out that so far his plan for green jobs has fallen way short. >> ce
. >>> president barack obama president obama is expected to announce he is sending 25,000 more u.s. troops to afghanistan. the new deployments would probably start next year. >>> another day of rain in the city of baltimore. unfortunately it doesn't look any better for the thanksgiving holiday tomorrow. jessica starr joins us with all the good news in our skywatch forecast. >> rain, rain go away, come again another day with all the holidays travel out there. we're dealing with another round of showers out there. overnight the main concern for us is going to come the fog that's going to be pretty thick out there. if you are traveling in the midwest, rain showers through chicago o'hare through detroit and ohio valley. look at florida. you think you're going to get some sunshine in florida? think again. these two areas of low pressure systems are going to make their way into your region. back home here you can see a blanket of clouds, a little bit of clearing overnight tonight but those clouds are going to back up. if you are traveling tonight there's a little bit of a delay out of new york a
president obama approached the delicate issue of human rights in china. >>> lucky to be alive. a texas teen who manages to survive a critical case of h1n1. and what doctors learn from her case. >>> and the toys your child plays with may have been determined in utero. interesting study. >>> it is 4:29. 69 degrees and sunny. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. >> on the visit to china, president obama delicately urged chinese leaders to stop internet censureship. but with china playing a major role in holding america's national debt, the president had to make his case carefully. >> reporter: president obama had just arrived in china when he was faced with a delicate issue of human rights. >> should we be able to use twitter freely is the question? well -- >> the u.s. ambassador to china said the question on chinese censureship was submitted online for this town-hall meeting online. they block websites called twitter and facebook, using what's known as the great firewall. and limit state viewership by onl
red flags were missed in the fort lauderdale shooting massacre. >>> the obama administration proposes to make standards tougher. >>> and tackling some important issues. >>> smart suspect plead. the deal wanda barzee struck. and what it means to her alleged accomplice, her husband. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with hey there, this is your lamp. why don't you show the lady how romantic you can be by turning me off? you'll set the mood while using a lot less energy. maybe later you can hook me up with a cfl. it will show how much you care for the environment. [announcer] learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at bgesmartenergy.com, where you'll find plenty of energy-saving tips. ahhhhh. the passion. >>> it is 4:28, 55 degrees and mainly sunny. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. we have breaking news to start with from carroll county, where there has been an accident. we're going to go live to captain mike perry from sky eye chopper 13. >> we are in manchester, carroll county. this is manchester road. it is just about a mile or
the latest. >> as president obama continues his asian tour, more discussions on capitol hill. officials including vice president joe biden and tom care bill. he has enough to start debate though cautiously optimistic. >> we will come up with a bill that we feel comfortable with and give to the american people. >> they are meeting with senate democrats to discuss the biey ae democrats to discuss the bill which could be unveiled as early as today. it includes several changes, such as a new proposal for long-term insurance program to assist the elderly and disabled. many gop are opposed. >> the public is saying that they do not want any more bills that are 2000 pages. >> the vote could come as early as this friday. in washington, nikole killion, wbal-tv. coming up, the mornings financial news in a bloomberg business report. >> which new cars are the safest on the road? we will bring you the results of a new report in the consumer alert. >> the ravens give their place- kicker the boot. >> he did not want to give your car the boot. what is in store for the first snowfall of the season. we ar
of deliberations in the sheila dixon trial. >> in washington, president obama plans to lay out his new strategy in afghanistan. that story coming up. >> what kind of weather can we expect as we make our way around the state and country around the holiday? the forecast as 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> let's get a check on our forecast. an important weather forecast today because a lot of people are traveling. >> i would check ahead to see if there are any flight delays at the airport. any of the local airports, you should check them. upper 50's which is not bad for this time of year. we will make it up to 55. a chance we may have that light rain or drizzle throughout the morning. speaking of the roads, we will send it over to sarah to see which she has to say. >> it is the busiest travel day of the year. we anticipate problems out there. an accident on 895. all lanes are closed on the ramp. use caution ther
washington bureau. i guess the big question is why is the obama administration doing this. >> in part they were up against a litigation wall. all these individuals absent one were in the military commission process and the military court had ordered the obama administration to make a choice as to what was going to happen with these individuals. and so they split the difference, five will be headed to new york to face trial for the 9/11 plot, five others will be facing military commission for a variety of other plots, including the master mind of the uss cole attack in 2000. so this was a decision that had to be made, but it also helps the obama administration in trying to depopulate guantanamo and figure out how to deal with the individuals still there. >> but do you peel this is the best way to do it? this has raised quirt a bit of ire especially in the new york city area. they say time heals all wounds. i don't think that applies in this case. you have families here that are outraged. what does the attorney general say to those family members that have to sit lieu what will be years
board as president obama looks for new options when it comes to sending troops into afghanistan. >> a daredevil sky diver set a world record and then moments later he was dead. >> the tide is expected to be well above normal. a live report is just ahead. >> ms out of there. that could translate into major problems on the roadway. problems on the roadway. we but no drink? no chips? and no chance to win madden nfl 10? man, that's roughing the wallet. now this is the total package. two pieces of kentucky grilled chicken, a side, biscuit, and a madden nfl cup. you catch all that? you know i did. colonel -- i'm a fan. still think a $5 sub is a great deal? get the $5 madden nfl box. choose from 6 kfc favorites... with a side and a madden nfl cup. now i'm a full back. unthink... and taste the unsub side of kfc. >> 45 degrees in the downtown area. >> a nasty morning. it began as a tropical storm and now it is in no easter. >> it is causing concern in low- lying areas. sander joins us with more on that. >> i am here and the western side of the bay where eight flood watch is up. the tide
. >> president obama got to be endorsements today for his health care reform bill, too powerful players, the aarp and the american medical association have thrown their considerable weight behind the passage of the bill. aarp has 40 million senior members. >> at the u.s. capitol, republican lawmakers and 2000 protesters rallied against the health care bill. >> say no to a government takeover of health care. >> this bill is bad medicine. >> madam speaker, throw out this bill. >> it was a smaller version of this summer's tea party protest against taxes and big government. this time it focused on a bill most here see as a government takeover of health care. >> i am reasonably well educated human being, and i cannot figure out what it says. >> this woman drove two days from nebraska. >> i will be going on medicare in another year, and i wanted to be there. -- i want it to be there. >> house republicans say they are recently unveiled a bill delivers coverage americans can afford. democrats say it better protect the insurance companies. >> does it cover 96% of the american public? no. >> democrats got
from verizon. >> president obama will visit fort hood. >> there are reports that nidal hasan is off of a ventilator and able to speak. they will not say if investigators have been able to question him. he has the latest. >> there is a sense that the shock is beginning to wear off for many. >> we are entering a new phase here. this is where i am concerned. this has to do with this heeling phase. >> this includes tomorrow's memorial. family members of all of the people killed in the attack will be part of the memorial after a private meeting with president obama. victims from the hospital will be recognized as well. the commander says that it will be a traditional military memorial. >> we will have a short sermon and conclude with some music. then the traditional roll call of the names of the dead. >> the tribute is just the start to what will be a long and difficult recovery. >> the entire resources of the united states army are at the disposal of fort hood. >> there is this fear that this post, and their home, is no longer safe and secure. as the victims look for answers, so do the
time it was done was 1999. >> another check on weather and traffic straight ahead. >> president obama meets with his war council. has he made a decision as to whether to add more troops? that decision coming up. >> they look at the winning lottery numbers from last night. >> the morning, checking on your morning commute. but the book is going on out there. no volume related delays. take edmondson due to water main break repairs. butler road at route 30, traffic lights are out at the busy intersection. use caution. they live view of traffic. harford county, so far so good. enjoyed a quiet ride despite the boats are slick. use caution. 95 looking good. that is the latest. here is sandra giving as a good way to commemorate veteran's day with an art auction. >> it is an art auction taking place tonight. it is at the church of the redeemer. some of the artwork that will be auctioned off is done by the residence here. this is a fine piece here. there is a silent auction and a live auction. plenty of food is on hand. $20 kit you in the door. live music as well. check it out. something fun to
in the ongoing debate over the government's new guidelines for breast cancer screening. the obama administration is distancing itself from these recommendations insisting that it is not imposing them on either doctors or insurance companies ps. we'll tell you exactly what they're saying this morning and what it this means for you if you still would like to start getting mammograms at the age of 40. >>> this is also a health related story like to got toe movies, like to have some popcorn, maybe a soda? any idea how many calories are solved? >> if i add butter, i don't even want to think about it. >> we'll tell you why you really, really, really don't want to think about in just a little bit. >>> but first this morning, the senate is finally ready to take up sweeping health care legislation. senate democrats say their proposal released last night would cost $849 billion over ten years, cutting the deficit while making sure that 94% of americans have health insurance. cbs news congressional correspondent nancy cordes is on capitol hill this morning with the latest. good morning, nancy. >> reporter:
as president obama -- it was an emotional day as present obama, officials, family and friends remembered the victims. ♪ amazing grace >> searching for greece and comfort, they gather -- searching for grace and comfort, they gather. >> it is a day for us to honor the fallen, fellow soldiers, one big family. >> it can affect everybody. >> president obama met with families of the fallen in some of the wounded before stepping to the podium for the first time in his young presidency as counselor and chief. >> here at fort hood, we pay tribute to 13 men and women who were not able to escape the horror of war and even in the comfort of home. their memory will be honored in the places that they live and by the people they touched. their lives work is our security and the freedom that we all too often take for granted. >> as this grieving community searches for answers, so do investigators. they look at whether he may have been influenced by muslim extremists to encourage violence against american troops. he discussed this long, suicide bombers, and the threats posed by muslim soldiers conflict
scheduled maintenance at no cost. it can't be that easy... that was pretty easy. >>> president barack obama is expected to announce his plan for the eight-year old war in afghanistan this tuesday. military officials say the president's plan could involve adding more than 35,000 u.s. troops to the nearly 70,000 currently there. lawmakers say it's necessary to send more troops, while others worry about the rising cost of the war. >> we're going to put measurements and benchmarks on the afghan government, but we're going to have the troops win the conflict. >> you've got to put afghanistan in the context of what is happening in america today. it's not only a $12 trillion national debt, we're in the worst economic depression since the 1930s. >> president obama's address is set for 8:00 tuesday night. >>> get out of my face. >> nobody cares. >> get out of my face. >> what are you doing? >> anti-war activist gets in to a physical altercation at an anti-war protest in california. she was there spreading her message to president obama to not send more of our troops to afghanistan. she attracted
month shy of his first wedding anniversary. >> the obama's spent time with some of the members of the families who had loved ones killed in the war. >> in an unscheduled veteran's day visit, president obama spent time among the graves at arlington national cemetery, specifically at once from afghanistan. she -- he is considering sending more troops. >> as long as i am commander in chief, america is going to do right by them. >> the former secretary urged the president to hurry. >> it is important that he makes his decision soon because there are young men and women out there carrying the battle that are at great risk. >> the commander in chief at with advisers today. he is looking at all options. one calls for 44,000 more troops. and vice-president wants to send as few as 10,000 troops. there are some plans for up to 35,000 more. it is backed by several people. almost as many new forces as requested by a general. obama is looking at past numbers. >> back to focusing on al qaeda and pushing the taliban back so we can withdraw from the region eventually. >> short term, more u.s.
forward to president obama's goal of health care reform. the vote now moves the debate from committee to the senate floor. >> the important thing is that we debate it. that there be a fleet-free flow of amendments, that some will pass, some will fall. >> reporter: two democrats an an independent voted to start the debate but won't support a final bill unless it addresses their concerns. >> my vote today should in no way be construed as an indication of how i might vote. let me be perfectly clear -- i am opposed to a new government administered health care plan as a part of comprehensive health insurance reform. >> it won't force one insurance company to give insurance to somebody who has a pre-existing condition and it won't even lower the cost of health insurance. >> reporter: the dispute among democrats will likely lead to a heated floor debate next month on legislation that would extend health care to 31 million americans. republicans made it clear they will not support the current bill. >> i think this bill is a disaster for our country. president obama said it would not add to t
. >> health care reform, passing a key test in the senate but still facing a tough fight. president obama applauded the senate vote and said he is looking forward to a thorough and productive debate. >> time now for our sunday morning q and a. joining us is congressman rupersberger. >> good morning. >> we're getting ready for this bruising debate on health care reform. >> first thing is the process, the house pass d a bill. that's not going to be the bill that will pass. it's now in the senate. important issue in the health care cost and i think that gets lost sometimes. it says that we know that five years down the road, that an average family will be able to pay for health care. the cost of health care per family right now, average cost is $13,500 a year. most people don't understand that because their companies subsidize it. they get their pay check, they probably think they're paying more in taxes when it's health care. >> but i want to ask you a question because there was this huge story out of washington this week ond mammograms. i'm tying it all together because afthis efplt people
. >>> president obama delicately urges chinese leaders to stop censuring some websites. the president spoke today at a town hall meeting for chinese students. joel brown reports for wjz. >> reporter: president obama had just arrived in china when he was faced with the delicate issue of human rights. >> should we be able to use twitter freely, is the question. >> reporter: the u.s. ambassador to china said the question regarding censureship was submitted online for the town hall meeting in shanghai. china's communist government blocks websites like facebook and twitter, using what is known as the great firewall. president obama criticized censureship but chose his words carefully. >> the more freely information flows, the stronger the society becomes. >> reporter: president obama suggested that chinese leaders shouldn't fear a little criticism. he said free discussion can be a little annoying sometimes. but that it's made him a little better. >> reporter: the president's answer required some delicate diplomacy. china holds some billions of dollars in debt. and as president obama said during the ca
is currently in an army hospital in san antonio recovering from gunshot wounds. >>> president obama has finally made a decision about his new strategy for the war in afghanistan. joel brown reports for wjz, the commander-in-chief is days away from explaining his plans. >> reporter: president obama has made his decision for a new strategy in afghanistan after a rare evening meeting between the commander-in-chief and his war cabinet. this was their ninth meeting and likely their last won before he outlines his plan in a televised address to the nation. >> after eight years, some of which we did not have either the resources or the strategy to get the job done, it is my intention to finish the job. >> reporter: many military officials expect president obama will send up to 35,000 additional forces into afghanistan. that would be slightly fewer than the top general on the ground had asked for. he wants up to 40,000 to help fight the taliban's growing power and prevent them from giving safe haven to al-qaeda. >> reporter: now the white house is bracing for a tough sell. president obama order
in afghanistan. president obama confirmed he will announce next week how many more trips he will send to afghanistan. and also, announced his new strategy. and in a slam at the bush administration, the president promised to "finish the job." >> appearing with the prime minister of india, a cure it -- a key ally in the fight against islam as terrorists, president obama announced that what he will announce next week is a new strategy to win in afghanistan. >> it is my intention to finish the job. >> that is a shot at dick cheney, who is saying that obama is taking too long to decide. it is a slam at the whole bush team and what mr. obama says about eight years in afghanistan without the right strategy or resources. they're allowed a taliban comeback. -- they have allowed a taliban come back. after weeks of closed-door afghan planning sessions, the white house hints the president will send 30,000 to 35,000 more u.s. troops. that is fewer than what afghan commander stanek crystal requested -- stamina crystal requested, but -- what commander metmcchrystal requested. the new focus will be o
will also be there. >> president obama will be a part of the traditional military memorial here as thousands gathered to honor those killed and injured in the attacks last week. >> president obama leaves the white house for a trip like no other in his young presidency, traveling to texas on a mission of mercy and healing. family members of the fallen struggle to cope with their loss. >> she lost her brother in the attack. >> the only piece i do not have are about his last moments. i wonder -- was he scared? was he in pain? i know my brother. he was a scared of anything. he was not scared of going to war. with the soldiers around him at the end, thin-would be the way he wanted to go. >> more than two dozen were injured during the rampage. 13 were killed. as the healing process begins, the investigation continues. intelligence officials say the suspected gunman nidal hasan has traded more than two dozen e- mail's with al-awlaki. he is an al-qaeda supporter. investigators say the army was aware of the correspondence and that nidal hasan's e-mails were consistent with the research he was doing f
'm brook hart in washington. president obama begins three days in china promoting free expression. that story coming up. >> mayor sheila dixon's felony theft trial resumes this morning. we'll have a preview of what's expected. >> it feels more like spring weather than fall. how much longer will we be able to enjoy it? the insta-weather plus forecast as 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy] captioned by the national captioning institute -- www.ncicap.org -- >> good monday morning. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us nor put it put it. -- for 11 news today. >> we deserved yesterday. didn't we? after days of rain. >> after the nor'easter, rain, wind, all of that stuff. yes, that's a good way to look at it. we did deserve it. we're going to keep it for the most part today. we're going to take off 10 degrees, but when it was 72 yesterday and you take off 10 today, still good. not a whole lot to talk about on this monday morning. just a little fog. some high, thin clouds. temperatures upper 40's and low 50's. m
>>> breaking news this morning. a new cbs poll show as drop in president obama's approval rating especially on afghanistan. we'll show you the results and get reaction from china where the presidented is holding meetings. >>> cancer controversy. the government now says women don't need a mammogram until age 50, but the american cancer society disagrees. >> early detect saved my life. what more is there to say about that. >> we'll breakdown the new guidelines. >>> sarah palin hypes her new book on oprah and slams the mccain campaign. >> i can did not want that message september out that we were giddy happen to become grandparents. >> while the father of her grandchild levi johnston fires back. >> i think she's going out and talking and he's just bigging a bigger hole for herself. >> we'll have more of his exclusive reaction. >>> and the much anticipated twilight sequel premieres. >> i really want to be bella because if she doesn't give me a hug or anything it's -- my heart will crack. >> we'll take you there early this tuesday morning, november 17th, 2009. %
to the victims of the fort hood massacre. >> and president obama's challenge in a far east siment, convincing world leaders that america is still an economic player. >> 1 news sunday morning starts right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy] >> hello and welcome to 11 news sunday morning. i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm deborah wiener. first a look outside with meteorologist john coinls. hey, john. >> a little different out there, warmer, not raining. >> yes. >> there might be a couple of patches of fog and all, but our temperatures now are where they were yesterday morning at this time. the big difference is that there's no moisture in the atmosphere. >> yes, thank you. >> so let's take a look outside at our h.d. doppler radar, and, you know, the proof is in the pudding. yesterday, there were still some sprinkles and a little drizzle and a couple of spotty showers around the area with most of the rain up in new england, a lot of rain up in new england. well, this morning it's still raining in new england, but we've shaken most of the cloud cover. again, there may be a few pat
the holiday weekend. all the details are coming up in a few minutes. >> next tuesday night, president obama will address the country with a decision that will no doubt meet opposition. he will speak from the u.s. military academy at west point. he will place heavy emphasis on how to eventually withdraw from afghanistan. a spokesperson says the u.s. will not be there for another nine years. stay with 11 news for continuing coverage. >> the war in afghanistan has claimed yet another soldier from maryland. 34-year old matthew pucino was killed on monday when an explosive detonated in front of his patrol. >> > > matthew pucino -- -- matthew pucino . >> they are heavily engaged in combat. this is our second loss from that particular unit. >> the maryland national guard is mourning the loss of loss of matthew pucinstaff sgt matthew . >> he served on active duty and then he joined that maryland national guard. he deployed back in july of this year. >> staff sgt matthew pucino died. >> these soldiers are doing everything they can to fight the insurgency. they are going into areas that have not be
obama is in china, the biggest holder of u.s. debt. can he strengthen a partnership between two world powers? in washington, i'm wit johnson that sthoer coming up. >>> take -- story coming up. >>> one of the last shuttle launches is set to go. >>> we have an incident involving an mta bus. we'll have more coming up. >>> she's running a cause called fresh faces in fashion. in theory, any of you out there, if you have the idea, could become the next christian siriano. kelly's going to join us from the big bang theory. >>> as the morning edition continues, looking at the space shuttle. little after 2:30 this afternoon, on its way to the international spapa [house] wow! i feel like a new house thanks to this quick home energy check-up from bge. feels like i'm at a day spa. [ announcer] learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at bgesmartenergy.com. [sigh] ah... the efficient life is the good life. boss: ah! thank gecko: what's going on, sir? boss: we're slammed. tons of people interested in all the money they could be saving by switching to geico... gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: boy
- show empress and obama supporter oprah winfrey. sarah palin is promoting her new book. she taped the interview yesterday, covering the pridie of topics -- covering a variety of topics, including the interview with katie couric. >> was it a defining moment for you? >> i did not see it that way. the campaign told me i was showing my independence and that it was a good interview. i knew it was not a good interview. >> see the interview when it airs monday on wbal-tv. >> if you missed "today" yesterday, despite a moment when deidre shores, age 12, learned she won the kid reporter contest. >> todyou are the winner. >> you are our kids reporter winner. >> stop playing with me. stop playing with me. >> you are the winner. >> stop playing with me. >> oh, my god! [applause] >> you just broke my eardrums. >> she exploded. >> monday she will have her first report on "the today show after 11 news today. >> my ears are still ringing. 50 degrees on tv hill. here's what is coming up next half-hour. >> baltimore city police that the murder suspect that brutalized a young boy. details next. >> i
>>> yes, they did. the secret service investigates how a couple was able to crash president obama's first state dinner just weeks after the couple spoke to us about their attempts to be on a washington, d.c. reality show. >> president obama has made it very accessible for anyone to visit the white house. >> so how would could this be and will they be charged? we'll bring you the latest. >>> you've heard of black friday. welcome to gray thursday. when many retailers will open tonight slashing prices early. j this is a black friday price, but you can get it thousand. >> we'll show you how some stores are changing their ways this holiday season. >>> a sick facebook prank gets violent as students are dared to attack their red headed classmates on kick a ginger day. >> as a parent, you're saddened and scared. >> we'll hear from one of the victims and her family. >>> and america gives thanks for family, football, and food. we've got tips on how to navigate your way through all of it early this thanksgiving day navigate your way through all of it early this thanksgiving day thursday, nov
fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no. >> well it has been one year since barack obama was elected president and several elections across the country, may show just how voters are feeling about it. craig boswell joins us live from washington with the latest. craig? >> good evening to you jennifer. yes the first test of president obama political influence and 2 most powerful jobs on the line were in new jersey and virginia. >> in virginia, the results are in. and as polls predict caned fox news channel shows mcdonald the winner of the race. democratic challenger deeds has con seated. >> just because we did not get right results tonight does not mean we go home and whine. we keep on working. >> it is a relief for republicans. one you year ago obama won the swing state for the first time in four decades. in new jersey a nail biter, corzine and his closest challenger, republican christy wicks tee were locked in a statistical dead heat up until polls opened. president obama has invested substantial political capital working with corzine. a winner yet to be called. and typically obscure
obama's first official state dinner was under way. the honored guest, india's prime minister. earlier in the day, the president reaffirmed his commitment to the situation in pakistan and afghanistan. >> it is my intention to finish the job. and i feel very confident that when the american people hear a clear rationale for what we're doing there and how we intend to achieve our goals, that they will be supportive. >> reporter: but it was the evening gala that was the hot ticket in town and most anticipated event. singh and his wife were greeted by the president and mrs. obama. who, with a nod to the honored guest, wore a champagne-colored gown, made by an indian-born designer and bangles. 340 guests from political power houses like nancy pelosi, and colin powell, to hollywood directors, like m. knight shyamalan and steven spielberg. and even yours truly. were escorted to the south lawn of the white house, where a white tent with a glass ceiling and eight chandeliers was erected for the evening's festivities. guests dined on china from the white house's historic collection. and had indi
at the end of the broadcast. >>> we have breaking news to begin with this morning. >> we do. president obama's advisers say a decision is coming on whether to send more troops to afghanistan. his meeting with his war council last night lasted about two hours. and he is expected to address the nation next tuesday with his answer. >> so, let's get to our team coverage this morning, beginning with abc senior white house correspondent, jake tapper, standing by in washington. jake, go first. >> reporter: president obama held his ninth and final war council meeting last night. after the meeting, he said, we have a pretty good idea of where he wants to go. aides do not know his final decision. a couple key points. one, aides say this will not be a nation-building strategy. two, president obama a few weeks ago, pushed pentagon planners for off-ramps, the ways the administration could assess how the war was going with the strategy and could withdrawal u.s. troops if it was not going to right way. and we're told that last night, president obama heard the right answers when it came to the off ramps. pr
were free for travelers taking the fast park shuttle service. >>> the obama's won't be traveling this thanksgiving. they are look forward to their first thanksgiving as the first family. the president got into the holiday spirit today by stirring a fortunate foul. as mr. obama is discovering there is no holidays from the presidency. we have more. >> presidential pardon >> reporter: for a turkey named courage it is a day of thanksgiving. >> thanks to the interventions of them. i was planning to eat this sucker. courage will also be stared this fate >> reporter: the white house ceremony included stimulus humor. >> all told i believe it is fair the save that we have saved or created four turkeys. >> reporter: and an official pardon. >> you are here by pardoned. you will live in disneyland >> reporter: the annual ritual marked a welcome break from the somber decision to send more troops to afghanistan. >> it is tried and tradition for the commander in chief to use as a backdrop military academy. it is a smart one. its a brings to the american people the visual remainer of the gravit
the shooting spree according to officials. earlier today president obama expressed sympathy for the victims and, of course, their families. >> it is difficult enough when we lose these brave americans in battles overseas. it is horrifying that they should come unfire at a army base on american soil. >> wounded soldiers were taken to nearby hospitals, their conditions vary. >> and the gunman was uniform military officer. >> malik nadal hasan was recently sent to ft. hood. we have learned he is from our area. keith daniels joins us from walter reed medical center with more on malik nadal hasan's background. >> keith? >> jennifer, malik nadal hasan worked at the walter reed army hospital as a psychologist for six years before the transfer to ft. hood texas in july. now, he is a graduate from are virginia tech. a military source said he had just received a poor performance evaluation for army hospital work. malik nadal hasan lived in silver springs. the latest record shows he was a resident at white oak towers on old columbia pike. the place with buzzing was police today. neighbors discovered news
. there is a link at the top of the home page. >> a much anticipated plan from president obama for the chesapeake bay was put in place by the informant told protection agency. states that do not apply could face penalties. >> this is the big overhaul up a regulation that has been expected since the obama administration took over in washington. it seeks to end the culture of business that has been failing the chesapeake bay for the last 30 years. with the chesapeake bay growing more set by the day, state efforts to save that it had been admitted long-term. >> when you set a goal back in 20042010, it is easy to go away -- back in 2000 for 2010, it is easy to go away. >> it is almost 2010, and the goals have not been met. >> we always set long-term goals. this hold us accountable on a timeframe where people do not forget. >> epa tenpounder states for not meeting goals by rejecting state approve permits or withholding funding for state environmental programs. milestones will have to be met every two years. it focuses increase regulation on farm and storm water runoff sources. >> this is something tha
bill. and president obama's sits down with the president of china. what the leaders hope to accomplish. >> the last conversation we had, we planned to grow fishing. >> from a fallen marine to his family, the gift he left is now helping >> president obama continued his trip to asia with a stop to beijing. aides said that he privately placed concerns with leaders. and he had a tightly controlled town hall meeting in shanghai. >> we don't seek to impose any system of government on any other nation. but we also don't believe that the principles we stand for our unique to our nation. >> the u.s. and china are backing to the local warming and working to engage north korea over its nuclear program. the president also visited tokyo and singapore. he is expected to wrap up his asian trip in south korea. >>> the flu vaccine just got easier to find three people for tell you which health department got their hands on a fresh supply. >> we are tracking some showers on hd doppler. i will break it down for you as far as how it will i >> in the consumer other, general motors said it showed a financial
the lives lost during last week's shocking attack at fort hood. ♪ . >>reporter: president obama joined an estimated 15,000 people who paid their respects to the 13 people gunned down. authorities say by one of their own. the traditional military service also included a short sermon. 21 gun salute and of course the playing of taps. >>> massachusetts woman barely escapes death when she falls on the train track. surveillance video shows the woman intoxicated and stumbling on the platform. then she falls right on to the track just missing the electric charged rail. people wave frantically to get the train driver attention as the train was fast approaching. >> then as i'm approaching the lady poked her head up. somebody is in the pit so i just threw it in emergency. exactly what i'm supposed to do and it just stops just in time not to hurt her. >>reporter: woman was pulled back on to the platform with just a few bruises. >>> the street turns the big 40. member of the first family that visited the neighborhood for the birthday celebration. >>> >> university of maryland makes history wit
to 445203. >> president obama's controversial former pastor comes to the state of maryland. >> he is talking to local members of the naacp and it had sparked a lot of debate. >> myranda stephens is live in glen bernie we the story. myranda? >> jeff and karen, most of us are used to siega fired up jeremiah wright. but the man we saw tonight here in glen burnie was a rather subdued refer are rented wright. >> we can never let our children or our grandchildren forget. >> the key note speaker for the arundel county naacp annual banquet. best known for being president obama's former pastor that made waves during the campaign with controversial sermons about politics and race. it sparked a lot of criticism from some in the community. including one delegate boycotting the event. but for the hundreds that came, said they are were here because they wanted to hear from the man in person, and not in sound bites. >> everything is taken out of context for people. and unless you hear the whole conversation, everybody could have said something that means something else. >> the focus is about the people bei
into the community of nations. >> earlier today, president barack obama talked with allies about fresh punishment against iran for efforts to hold its nuclear weapons pursuits. also at today's meeting, the president addressed his commitment to resolving the free trade agreement between the united states and south korea. president obama is now back on his way to washington. >>> dl lawyers poured over dozens of motions yesterday as the defense and prosecution get ready to make closing arguments today. >> reporter: good morning, megan, closing arguments are set to begin at 9:00 this morning. the jury could start deliberating just before lunch. it was a short day in court yesterday. the defense rested its case an hour after court began. the last to testify was dixon's pastor, reverend frank reid. he characterized her as trustworthy and forthright. as you may recall on tuesday, the judge threw out two of the seven counts against the mayor. the judge must explain to the jury today what they should and shouldn't consider. >> you heard what the state promised they were going to produce. you saw what evap
. >> also today, president obama observed veterans day at arlington national cemetery, placing a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. then it was on to discussing military strategy about afghanistan at the white house. the president is said to be considering four options of wrapping up -- ramping up additional forces, and a decision appears to be near. >> in an unscheduled veterans day visit, president obama spent time among the graves at arlington national cemetery, specifically in a section set aside for the fallen from iraq and afghanistan, where he is considering sending more u.s. troops, a wrenching decision. rex as long as i am commander- in-chief, america will do right by veterans. >> what is important is that he make a decision, and make it reasonably soon. you have young men and women out there carrying the battle who are at great risk. if we have the wrong strategy, change it. >> the commander-in-chief met with advisers. besides general stanley mcchrystal's called for more troops and vice president biden's plan to send fewer, there are military plans for up to 30 top dozen more
on the implications for consumers. >> a great election night for republicans, but bad news for president obama. that story's coming up. >> are you flying during the holiday season? you can expect a surcharge on your airline ticket, and the amount is getting larger. details and "consumer alert." >> load our cigarettes are said to be better than regular ones, but they could hamper your ability to kick the habit. >> a new state-oft security equipment >> it looks like josh: will be the new mayor of annapolis. -- josh cohen. no one actually came in second in the primary. if the numbers hold true, c ohen will succeed as mayor. the political world is buzzing about yesterday's election results. voters in new jersey and virginia sided with republicans in the governors' races. some say it may cast doubt on in been in support of the president's agenda, but democrats say it was not a referendum on the president. >> exactly one year ago, barack obama and the democrats were riding high after winning the white house. today, it is the republicans who are celebrating, after seeking to governor seats was strong
the base will stop to honor those wounded and killed in the attack. president obama will be here to lead the service. security is tight for the visit. the army stacked shipping containers three stories high in an l-shape formation for privacy. >> our intent is to get as many who desire to come. >> reporter: they're assessing security within their own ranks, he was a soldier and clearly under stress. >> we invite you stay with us for more on the latist on the investigation, go to wjz.com. >>> a witness to a horrible workplace shooting in florida speaks out for the first time. sally live in the news room. >> reporter: the man says the shooting that left one person dead and five more injured lasted just one minute. on friday when former employee jason rodriguez came in shooting, his coworkers stayed calm and didn't stream. he first thought it was balloon poppings until he saw the gun. he was arrested in his mother's home and charged with first degree murder. >>> the suspect told detectives he blame the firm for stopping him from getting unemployment benefits. >>> she died when material
obama may be making a decision about the afghan war. >> the american people want the president to take the time to get the decision right rather than make a hasty decision. >> following months of deliberation, he has been considering a number of troop options. one has requested 40,000 forces. a middle option ranges around 20,000 could be more likely. >> it is not just how we get people there but what is the>> administration officials say the generals could testify before congress as early as next week. the president will have to convince allies. he is hosting a visit with the prime minister of india who is an important part of that region. >> [unintelligible] >> president obama and the prime minister are expected to talk more about cooperation on counterterrorism as it relates >> not a whole lot of volume. the rain is playing a role. down through edmondson. a crash still clearing at water view. avoid harpers farm in colombia. an accident at i-97. 895, an accident off to the side. no lanes of travel blocked. in life few of a delay at liberty road due to rain and volume. sandra schaub is
before we see job gains. >> more pressure on president obama, hooffs economic. and my team geithner, is getting hammered by the public. >> the public has lost all confidence in your ability to do the job. >> i will not rest until businesses are investing again and businesses are hiring again and people have work again. >> mr. obama is resisting calls for a second stimulus package and fighting off charges he is exaggerating job gains from the first. >> the president and congress took the necessary action to institute a recovery act that has helped spur economic growth. >> complicating the calculations, nearly one trillion dollars in health care reform. and afghanistan, the u.s. role will likely increase and cost hundreds of billions of dollars more. >> and a comprehensive new forecast out today shows our economy not growing. the recession is essentially stalled. from washington, i'm steve hamels with wbal tv 11 news. >> well, what can you say? another disappointing loss by the baltimore ravens, this time -- this time by two points to the indianapolis colts. it was another heartbreake
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